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Globally Yours

Producer: Marko Doringer Film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2011
Grant amount: € 102.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Marko Doringer
Writer: Marko Doringer
Cinematographer: Marko Doringer, Marcus Winterbauer
Locations: Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Germany, Serbia, VAE, Ethiopia
Release (AT): 08.03.2013

We are all pursuing happiness. But where is its home?

What still fulfills us today? What do we believe in? What’s still worth fighting for? We are living in the digital age, most of us financially independent, old concepts of living do not seem to count anymore. We are living in a world without a perceivable home. A sense of being lost is increasingly prevalent: where is our home within a globalized world? “Being at home”, does that even exist anymore? A home, globally yours?

To investigate this, Marko Doringer sets out again on an exploration trip visiting in search of the life goals of his generation. Half the time of his life he is 35 – still without having a home and far from being a father. Why is that? After all, he did find the right woman for himself. Is he expecting some sort of sign, or is he just looking for the right moment? But when might that be? And what will it look like? And would Marko’s girlfriend, Marlene, even agree?

Globally Yours is an ironic-analytical portrayal of a generation of our time, a generation in pursuit of happiness and a place called home, all the while another year of Marko’s life unfolds.

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