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Manaslu - Berg der Seelen

Manaslu - Mountain of the Spirit

Producer: Planet Watch Film & Video
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2017
Grant amount: € 232.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Gerald Salmina
Writer: Gerald Salmina
Cinematographer: Günther Göberl
Key cast: Hans Kammerlander, Stephan Keck, Werner Herzog, Kurt Moser, Reinhold Messner
Locations: Austria, Italy, India, Nepal
Release (AT): 14.12.2018

Hans Kammerlander, speed record holder at the north route of Mt. Everest until today and first human to ski from the top of the world, faces his destiny at the Manaslu in Nepal (8163 meter), where he lost two of his best friends. A few meters away from him one was
struck by lightning and instantly killed. Hans, who was also in acute danger of life, survived the storm on the brink of death which should have never happened, due to the burning oil fields in Kuwait in 1991. The biopic story starts with the boy that was born at a
tiny alpine farm and who repeatedly dragged out into unknown and most remote territories in death zones which he entered and left heroically. Yet he was confronted with experiences that are too close to a humans internal breaking point. Despite big losses in his
live he has to overcome now the broken summit deep inside him, to turn open wounds into scars, to overcome painful tragedies for being able to continue living. All that is still before him.

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