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Zeit für Utopien

Utopia Revisited

Producer: Langbein & Partner Media
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2017
Grant amount: € 102.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Kurt Langbein
Writer: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
Cinematographer: Christian Roth
Locations: Vienna, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Germany, France, South Korea, China, Kongo, Peru, Spain
Release (AT): 20.04.2018

Market economy has brought welfare to the industrialised states – at the cost of the inhabitants of other continents and along with growing inequality. Crucial decisions are made by people whose responsibility is not towards other human beings and the
environment, but towards shareholders.

After the collapse of „real socialism“, is there, besides capitalism with its production of a globally more and more polarising gap between prosperity and poverty, any model of society worth thinking and discussing about?

The protagonists of three projects say: Yes! They have decided to walk paths beyond greed and profit seeking and have learned a lot.
They are taking us along on their personal journeys towards possibilities of humankind to share, to cooperate and to preserve nature.
Their motivation, their striving, their ideas, but also their failures and the recognition of economic limits and human imperfection that hinder solidarity-based businesses offer varied food for thought.

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