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Hortus - Vom Strom des Lebens


Producer: Power of Earth Film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2015
Grant amount: € 90.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Kurt Mündl
Writer: Kurt Mündl
Cinematographer: Kurt Mündl
Locations: various Austrian gardens
Release (AT): 5.12.2014

The garden is increasingly becoming an important habitat for wildlife and plants. In an age when natural habitats are more and more scarce, "surrogate habitats" built by humans are the last oasis for many species.

Gardens have always been populated by wild animals of different species.
The film will follow the biological cycles of the seasons, where gardens are not only important as sub-habitats, but also as a permanent "food source" for wildlife or as sheltered retreats.

For the first time such a topic is brought to the cinema! As the trend towards organic gardening continues to grow in popularity, the odds are to lead the population to the cinema, where the nature experience on the big screen is a special one: You may have never seen the smallest creatures so gigantic and hyperrealistic before!

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