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Producer: Epo Film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2014
Grant amount: € 500.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: drama
Director: Karl Markovics
Writer: Karl Markovics
Cinematographer: Michael Bindlechner
Key cast: Ulrike Beimpold, Rainer Wöss, Nikolai Gemel, Sabine Kovanda
Locations: Lower Austria, Burgenland
Release (AT): 20.03.2015

Gabi Kovanda, late 40s, supermarket employee, leads an ordinary life between family and job, between single-family home and local food store. Gabi’s husband, Hannes works in road maintenance in Bruck an der Leitha; their son, Ronnie is a recruit with the armed forces and still lives at home, while his older sister, Sabine lives in Vienna with her boyfriend and only comes to visit on the weekends.
Gabi and Hannes’ lives are structured and somewhat secure.

One day when Gabi comes home from work something happens that changes her life in a single moment. It isn’t visible, it makes no sound, and yet it strikes her like a bolt from the sky – an encounter with God.

A person is snubbed by their own existence. Without external cause, without hardship. How do you cope with it? And how do your surroundings cope with it?

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