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Producer: Amour Fou Vienna
Financing: Majoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Amour Fou Luxembourg (LUX)
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 372.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: drama
Director: Elfi Mikesch
Writer: Elfi Mikesch
Cinematographer: Jerzy Palacz
Key cast: Eva Mattes, Carolina Cardoso, Martin Wuttke, Nicole Max, Sascha Ley, Luc Feit
Locations: Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Serbia
Release (AT): 30.09.2015

Franziska, a renowned photographer, is on a journey to come to terms with her past. Along the way she’s haunted by memories of her youth and of her father’s strange behavior when he returned from his time in the french Légion Étrangère in North Africa. He was haunted by images of what he saw during the colonial wars, and was not able to deal with it when he returned home. Franziska is now ready to cope with her childhood memories, which she kept a secret for too long.

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