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Wo ich wohne - Die Schriftstellerin Ilse Aichinger

Where I live - Ilse Aichinger’s flashes of remembrance

Producer: kurt mayer film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 50.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Christine Nagel
Writer: Christine Nagel
Cinematographer: Isabelle Casez, Helmut Wimmer
Key cast: Verena Lercher, David Monteiro, Moritz Uhl
Locations: Vienna, Marbach
Release (AT): 12.12.2014

Silence, observation and the absurd are the secrets behind Ilse Aichinger’s lyricism as brought to life in “Where I live”. Never before seen Super-8 films, shot by her, inspire amazement at our ability to know ourselves, and at the ways in which we find ourselves. Her perspective on alienation empowers us to stay awake in face of “all of nature and society’s attempts to lull us to sleep”.

The film takes us on a sensuous journey of seduction that opens us to Ilse Aichinger’s work. Work that stands out in the 20th century for its singularity and that yet, in its existential dimension, succeeds at being timeless.

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