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Das finstere Tal

The Dark Valley

Producer: Allegro Film
Financing: Majoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: X-Filme Creative Pool (DE)
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 580.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: Alpine Western
Director: Andreas Prochaska
Writer: Andreas Prochaska
Cinematographer: Thomas Kiennast
Key cast: Sam Riley, Paula Beer, Tobias Moretti, Clemens Schick, Helmuth A. Häusler, Martin Leutgeb, Johann Nikolussi, Erwin Steinhauer
Locations: Salzburg, South Tyrol, Bavaria
Release (AT): 14.02.2014

A high mountain valley. The road to the valley is little more than a weathered footpath between the cliffs. It is hard to imagine that – as legend has it – people live in this far-off place, so close to the skies.
The smell of snow is already in the air.
A stranger is leading his horse and heavily loaded mule through the narrow ravine up to the high plains, heading towards the low farmhouses.
Six men are already waiting for him, together with the few but hostile inhabitants of the valley.
The stranger is to stay in the valley for the winter. In exchange for a generous payment.
Farmer Brenner’s six sons allow him to stay, not suspecting that he knows their dark secret. And the secret of their father, Farmer Brenner, who has been the “master” of the dark valley for as long as anyone can remember.
They do not suspect that Greider is here to take revenge.
For everything.

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