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Austria has a number of unique and beautiful landscapes which we want to protect and keep alive for a responsible film industry. Several film commissions and funds offer support in green consulting, and measures to integrate monetary support for green filming are currently being developed.

FISA has taken an important measure in the direction of green filming with the amendment to the guidelines from January 1, 2020.

Production companies and their film projects that can be verifiably certified in accordance with the current UZ76 guideline “Green Producing in Film and Television” receive two additional points in the Cultural Test. In order to receive two additional points for Green Filming in Part C.Production, the following criteria must be met:

  • Proof of an application / completion of the first part of the test procedure for certification of the Austrian Ecolabel
  • Position of a Green Consultant in the staff list
  • Statement of the measures for sustainable, environmentally friendly, resource-saving production in the producer's statement

Additional costs that are verifiably incurred in connection with the UZ76 certification and are not funded by other public funds can be included in the calculation.

There are various approaches to sustainability that cover a film’s entire production chain. The CO2 footprint can be easily reduced by cutting back on unnecessary transportation, implementing efficient waste management and using recyclable materials for set construction and catering, to name just a few possible measures. Not to forget, filming responsibly not just helps the environment, it also saves production costs and enables new approaches to creativity with alternative and energy-saving equipment. 



In Austria, the Vienna Film Academy will offer an elective course on ecological sustainability in film production from October 2021. Subsequently, after completing the basic training, green filming should be included as a compulsory subject for all departments.

The first further training to become a professional Green Film ConsultantAustria has already been completed.

The trained consultants can be found here: LAFC-Synergy (German)

Further training courses from September 2021 and January 2022 are already fixed, the dates are constantly updated here: LAFC - PRISMA WORKSHOPS