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Vision & Mission

Austrian film has received remarkable international attention in recent years, and the country‘s creative success is based on numerous international prizes and awards which validated Austrian talent and achievements.

However, film is not only a cultural asset but also an important economic factor.

In recognition of that economic impact, the subsidy programme FISA – Film Industry Support Austria provides an ongoing stimulus for Austria as a film location. In the process, this new and improved film financing also fosters creative growth.

The FISA objective is to escalate the quality, the attractiveness, and therefore the international distribution of Austrian films and coproductions. In doing so, the initiative significantly impacts their international competitiveness.

The FISA grant was created by Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in order to give a boost to the film industry and to help provide an infrastructure based on expertise and economic value.

Funding is possible for cinema films in case of national productions, Austrian-foreign co-productions as well as service productions with a non-repayable grant. FISA is provided with an annual budget of EUR 7.5 million.